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    Playing Backgammon using the Attacking Strategy

    Attacking in online backgammon is the strategy that can win the most points and earn the most games in online backgammon. Attacking in online backgammon means hitting checkers and keeping your opponents checkers on the bar for the most amount of time in the game, until you have a proof winning position on the table.

    This attack strategy can be used all through the game. at the start of the game it will stall your opponent and give you the head start to win the game onwards. Midway through the game it will allow you to build row after row so your opponent is captured and cannot move unless you clear the table. By the end of the game this strategy can allow you to win with more points keeping your online backgammon opponent stuck until the very end of the game.

    How to Know When to Attack in online backgammon?

    After you start a game, and have an option of attacking your opponent, take your time and look at the board.

    • Does this move take back your opponent a few steps, or is the attacked checker already far behind in the begging of the board?
    • Do you have any opening on your side of the board, that your opponent can take advantage of and win this online backgammon game?

    After considering these kind of argument and similar ones, if you do decide to attack, make sure the attack also helps you advance your winning position and secures the opponent doesn’t advance.


    Aspects of Backgammon Tactics
    February-06-2008 Wednesday
    Backgammon is a game that involves a lot of tactics. Tactics in backgammon do not only concern a single game, but the whole match as well. Having a game plan, fundamental strategy, and understanding the cube action are aspects of concern to help a player win a backgammon match.
    Backgammon Strategy
    June-07-2007 Thursday
    Backgammon is a racing kind of game. However, you need not only to be the first to bear off your opponent's checkers but you should also do it strategically.
    The Steps in Backgammon Board Setup
    February-06-2008 Wednesday
    Backgammon board setup is among the first lessons beginners will learn in the game. If you know the goal then setup will be easy. It may take some time and practice before you master the starting position.

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