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More Backgammon Strategy

Backgammon is both a luck and intelligence game. As a matter of fact, it can be visualized as a race. The objective of backgammon is to put all your checkers to your home board and slowly but surely, bear them off.

To do so, you must have knowledge of dice combinations in a manner that can help you protect your checkers or endanger those of your competitors. There are a possible combinations known as "gates." A gate happens when your free checker is covered by another one, defending it from your opponent. Ensure that your checkers are always protected, most especially if they are located on your home board or when one of your checkers is still on the home board of your rival. It is important to remember not to make a unwise attack if you realize that you can beat the checkers of your opponent. It can be done if it is to your favor or when the risk of being blocked is low.

There are a couple of backgammon strategies followed by most people when playing backgammon, which also relies on the manner the game has been started.

The first strategy is trying to move his 2 checkers away from the away board as quick as possible. Playing smart can give you the benefit of not worrying about one checker in trying to bring your checkers to your home board. The main setback is that in an attempt to remove your checkers from the way board, your competitor might keep on eliminating them and in the process gain some positions so that time is wasted in making similar moves with similar checkers.

Another strategy is to concentrate on your other checkers and only after you have placed them in your home board or close to that, you begin placing the other 2. The advantage of that strategy is that you keep your opponent under pressure, he tries not to commit any error that could endanger his checkers from the home board. At times, you might also spin a dice that could remove his checkers while there are no free areas in your home board, and by the time he finds a way to come back in the game you are already bearing off your checkers. The drawback of the strategy is that your opponent might trap you and give you no alternative to get out of his home board, and while he is wisely placing his checkers near his home board and eventually into it, you are destroying your gates.

Study your opponent closely because they also have their own strategies. Compete with many people as you can and make use of the best strategy that can provide a win for you.


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