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Playing Backgammon Online

Backgammon can now be played online. This game has slowly gained its online popularity and is now available in many sites within the Internet. Online Backgammon allows players to face off with a more diverse population who employ different styles ans strategies.

However, there are important tips which are absolutely necessary if one wants to be able to play Backgammon online.

Usually, free backgammon softwares are downloadable. Once installed, you can proceed to play the game online. This grants you access into the specified backgammon site. There's also no need to worry about playing backgammon if you happen to be new with the games since rules are easily accessible as well on the site.

Backgammon online is played quite similarly as to how it has always been played. Two players can play at a time and they are handed over with 15 checkers each. The checkers have to be moved within the 24 spaces found on the backgammon board. Players move according to the numbers shown on the dice they roll during their turn. The purpose of the game is for each player to be able to move all of his checkers into his home base again before the opponent does. A player also needs to take out the other player's checkers from time to time. Blockings are also necessary as a defense system for each player's checkers.

The backgammon board online also has 24 triangles on it. Each triangle is called a point in backgammon. The board is further divide into 2 different parts wherein each side is made up of 6 triangles. The part of the board which is the closest to the player will be his opponent's home and vice versa. Each point on the triangle is numbered as one and this numbering starts from the home of the player up until the other side.

In the middle, backgammon players online may find a bridge. This is actually where the knocked out checkers will be placed eventually as the game goes on.

So these are just the basics of playing backgammon online. There are definitely much more which casino players can expect as they get into the online gaming. There are many sites and software to choose from online when it comes to playing Backgammon. All you need to do is know which site would work for you. Knowing some basic tips and guide about online backgammon also helps quite a lot when it comes to playing it.


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