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Playing Backgammon

How does one play backgammon? The rules of playing backgammon aren't simple, but they aren't impossible to learn as well. One just needs to be patient as I go through the backgammon game.

The first thing to do when playing backgammon is to set-up the backgammon table. The 1st and 24th points would have two checkers each from the two colors. The 6th point and its opposite 19th point will have five checkers. The 8th and 17th points will have three checkers each while the 13th and 12th will have five checkers each.

The two backgammon players will then roll one die. The player that rolls the higher value of the die goes first. The number appearing on the die will be the number of moves the checkers can make. After the initial roll, the two dice will be used.

Backgammon players can either use the two numbers appearing on the dice separately on two checkers or add them together to determine the number of moves of just one checker. If a double is rolled, a 6-6 or 3-3 for example, then this is worth four moves, 6 points each, or two moves 12 point each or one 18 points and another 6 points. The movement of checkers depends on the place of the backgammon player. The backgammon player that has the top home board will move his checkers counterclockwise whereas the player occupying the bottom home board will move clockwise.

A certain point cannot be occupied by the checkers of the backgammon player if two or more of the opponent's checkers are on it. If the numbers rolled on the dice would not permit the movement of the backgammon checkers then that player loses a turn.

However, if a backgammon point only has one opposing checkers on it, the opponent may throw that checker to the bar. This is called a blot. The player cannot move his checkers anywhere if he has a checker left on the bar.

To regain a blotted checker a player needs to roll the dice and place it back to the start, the opposing player's home board. The player that is able to put all 15 of his checkers on his own home board can start bearing them off or removing them from the backgammon table. The player that first bears off all his checkers wins the game.

A gammon is when the losing player has not removed any of his checkers off the table. He is obliged to pay double of the initial wager. A backgammon is when the losing player has not removed any of his checkers and still has checkers on the opponent's home board. The backgammon wager will then be tripled its original amount.


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