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  • backgammon online play

    Different Kinds of Attacking Modes in Online Backgammon

    The attacking mode of online backgammon can be categorized to different attack strategies used by players.

    Beginning Attack

    This is done at the start of the game by one of the players, and also have psychological repercussions on the opponents online backgammon game. Taking your opponents checker to the bar can agitate you opponent- giving you an edge in winning the game. If used again and again, your opponent can get so agitated that they forget about the game and move falsely.

    Double Attack in Online Backgammon

    When you take two checkers to the bar, your opponent is neutralized and you can start a gap in your favor that will follow through the game. This position is usually achieved when you get a double numbered dice, such as 6-6, which allows you to move 4 times along the board.

    Secured Attack in Online Backgammon

    If you line up 4 or more points in one quarter of the board next to your opponents bar, you are basically ruling the board and can continue to a clear winning option. This is however risky when you start to take out checkers because one or more points could be left with only one checker and can back flip on you- leaving you at the bar by the end of the online backgammon.

    Choosing to Pass on Backgammon game attack

    Although previously recommended, there is sometimes no need to risk your position with the attack mode. This is when you have a few good dive results and are controlling the board over your opponent. It is your decision whether to play it safe and depend on the dice roll or risk it and attack your opponent. This is only one decision your online backgammon skill will have to determine.


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