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Backgammon Bear Off Principles and Safe Practices

When all is said and done in backgammon, everything sometimes just comes down to a race. In fact, that is the essence of a backgammon game in the first place. Other elements do come into play but there comes a time that players are simply down to a showdown to see who gets to bear off all checkers first.

The bear off is the last part of a lot of backgammon games. This is where some strategies and techniques boil down to. Knowing how to properly bear off checkers and what safe practices need to be observed keeps a backgammon player in the game during the home stretch.

There are only a few things we need to observe when we are at the bear off stage of a backgammon game. Some players neglect these safe practices to their own loss, but the wiser one will always practice these and bear off checkers with ease.

We will not be able to cover all the different situations, but we will discuss the practices that apply to most of situations during any backgammon game.

The very first thing we need to look at during the bear off stage of a backgammon game is the distribution of our checkers. To help us see this thing through to the very end we should always (as much as possible) maintain a smooth distribution of our checkers during the bear off.

By keeping an even or smooth distribution we can optimize on every roll we make during the end game and bear off checkers with ease.

One way to keep an even distribution of backgammon checkers on the home board is to avoid stacking your checkers on a single point. Of course sometimes this can't be helped, but generally we should avoid this.

Remember that every wasted roll (a roll you spend moving a checker from point to point in your home board) is a step forward for your opponent during the bear off in backgammon.

Next thing we need to keep an eye on during the bear off is to try to bear off a checker for every roll we get on the dice. By doing this in the bear off we are maximizing every result we get from our dice rolls.

Another important thing we need to consider is to fill in gaps on our home board during the bear off. At times this just can't be avoided. In case there are unoccupied points (especially your two- and three-points) move checkers there.

Keep these safe practices during the bear off stage in backgammon. It will put you at par with your opponent, if not ahead of him. Understanding the bear off principles lets you make that picture perfect finish.


Backgammon Bear Off Principles and Safe Practices
August-04-2007 Saturday
The bear off stage is the last, but critical, part of a backgammon game. Understanding the safe practices during the bear off lets backgammon players make a picture perfect finish during the bear off.
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