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    Other Ways of improving your Online Backgammon Skills

    After you know how to attack and when, it is also important to know that you can always improve your skills and become a more aggressive online backgammon player. It is considered common for an expert in backgammon to play a smooth game with no interruptions after attacking the opponent and winning the strategically placed points along the board. This means that after the expert online backgammon player has made a good start, the other opponent, unless taking security measures that counteract that attack approach, is paralyzed and can only win by pure chance of the dice.

    Winning the Game- Does it Have to Do With Luck?

    Although many backgammon experts argue of the importance of skill and intelligence in the game, recent studies have shown that luck also plays a role in deciding who is the winner of the game and what is the gap between winner and loser. If you would like to improve your chances of winning, your first step is to get acquainted with probabilities and odds that affect online backgammon.

    When you make a move at backgammon, the rest of your chances are determined after you take that move. This means that the wrong move will not only affect the next couple of moves but the whole online backgammon game.

    This is why it is important to consider one of the phases of the game with more care and deliberation- the phase after you receive the dice score.

    You should first consider some questions about the score itself- is it a high roll? Can it advance you on the board? Or is it better to use it in order to secure more points along the board. Another question at stake is what are the option of later advancement and closing of points. If you can move to a position that you can secure, not now but in two moves, it sometimes benefits you to take this move.

    Taking these ideas into mind can help you develop a better calculated game for the future backgammon online experiences.


    Backgammon Bear Off Principles and Safe Practices
    August-04-2007 Saturday
    The bear off stage is the last, but critical, part of a backgammon game. Understanding the safe practices during the bear off lets backgammon players make a picture perfect finish during the bear off.
    Spot the Backgammon Difference
    October-19-2006 Thursday
    A way of spotting the difference between novice and expert backgammon players is by listening to their choice of words. Do you like to sound like a novice? If no, then learn some backgammon terms.
    What are the Basic Backgammon Game Rules?
    February-06-2008 Wednesday
    The basic backgammon game rules cover all you need to know to play the game. These basic rules are really easy to understand. But it may require you to play a few games before you become familiar with all of them.