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Mastering Backgammon Tournament Strategies

Backgammon is most worthwhile if you can compete in clubs or tournaments. Even a casual tournament with four competitors can be rewarding. Other options can be acquiring a backgammon game, or playing on the internet. In any instance, backgammon should be played in terms of sets and matches, even if it is only a single set consisting of five points. Tournament play is much different from recreational backgammon, since you need a good knowledge of the more advanced techniques to be able to overcome your opponent. With correct strategies, it is possible to dominate the game, and improve your odds of winning.

When you lose a game, reduce your losses to a point or two by utilizing appropriate doubling technique, or keeping away from a gammon. Be specifically careful in avoiding a gammon if it is a means to winning the set from your opponent. In this case, avoid moves that will jeopardize your chances of losing a gammon.

When close to a conclusion of the set, utilize the doubling technique, if necessary. Avoid doubling when you need only a point to win the set since a win in the game wins the set. When your competitor is just a point away and you need two points to claim the set, double at once before you make your initial roll. Your opponent will most likely acknowledge the offer so the player who wins the game wins the set. This improves your odds of winning the set to fifty percent, as compared to not doubling, which only gives a twenty five percent possibility of winning the set.

If your competitor has a chance to win the set by gaining a game, go for the double and play in full force in order to win the game. You can even gamble on losing a gammon, or backgammon, if possible. Because you will be losing the set if you lose the game, the number of points you lose will not matter anymore.

Knowledge of the skills of your opponent, the kind of game they usually play, and how they reacts to particular situations will facilitate your adjustment to your play to be able to improve your odds of winning the match. At all times, be cordial when winning, and courteous when losing, so that you will earn the respect of the other members of your club, and other competitors in the tournament. Of course, winning the majority of your matches will also make you a respected player.


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