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Spot the Backgammon Difference

Some expert backgammon players have already mastered the language that is the backgammon language. Act like an expert backgammon player by using some of the terms used in the world of backgammon:

Calcutta Auction - this is a way of gambling in backgammon tournaments, where people could buy players in an auction. If you are still confused, just think of it as a sports gambling event like a horse race or jai alai.

Candlesticks - if most of a gambling player's markers are positioned in just few points, therefore making long lines of markers, then they are called candlesticks. They are called as such because the formation does look like candlesticks, long and straight.

Captain - some backgammon games are played in teams, like the chouette. In these games, each team has a captain who manages and leads the team. He is also the one rolling the dice for their team.

Cash a Game - this is gambling players' term for taking money away from your opponent by doubling the stakes when you know he or she will probably decline. If he or she does decline, the current stakes is yours for the taking.

Cast - this is the gambling player's act of throwing or rolling the dice in gambling games such as the backgammon.

Catalin - this is a material, which is plastic like the Bakelite. Catalin is used to make markers that are vital in backgammon.

Catchers - these are the markers which the gambling placed in positions where it could catch the opponents' markers which are trying to get away.

Centered Cube - The position of the doubling cube before either player has offered a double. A centered doubling cube is placed halfway between the players at the start of each game with the number 64 facing up (representing a value of 1).

Chase - some gambling players do this to gain back what they have lost in previous games by means of doubling or beavers. This also happens in other gambling games such as poker or blackjack. Actually, this is not a very good strategy, whether in backgammon or in other gambling games since the player is too distracted with the money. Since he is distracted because of his losses, the gambling player may commit mistakes in the game he is currently playing, making very bad decisions. That is why it is important for gambling players to leave emotions at home before playing any gambling game.


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