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The Steps in Backgammon Board Setup

Every beginner would have to start learning the steps in backgammon board setup. This should practically be the first in the list of things a beginner should learn. Unfortunately even the casual backgammon player, and not just the beginners, will easily forget how the backgammon board setup goes. Here are the steps to get your checker pieces into the starting position on the board.

When you open your backgammon board one of the first things you should always do is to check if any of the 30 checker pieces are missing. It'll be a waste of your time doing backgammon board setup only to find out that one or two checkers are missing. If every piece is well accounted for, then proceed to starting position.

Keep in mind that the goal of this simple exercise is to create an arrangement of the backgammon checkers in such a way that one side of the board would mirror the checkers on the other side. One of the fastest ways to get this business done is to have a picture or illustration of a backgammon board with the checkers already in starting position. That way all you have to do is to look at it and arrange your checkers according to what you see.

One thing you can do so that won't forget how to do backgammon board setup is to practice. You can try it a few times with the instructions here and/or a picture of a backgammon board and then try it on your own then compare it to the picture of a backgammon board. Practice it from time to time so won't forget. But if you play online, then backgammon board setup will be done automatically for you.

Here are simple steps to backgammon board setup:

1. The points on your side of the board will be numbered from one to 12 from right to left. 2. The points on your opponent's side will be numbered from 13 to 24 from left to right. 3. Assuming that you have black and white checkers and you're playing black, place five black checkers on point number 13 (top left of the board). Place five white checkers on point number 12 (bottom left). 4. Place three white checkers on point 17 (top center, left side of the bar) and three black checkers on point number eight (bottom center, left side of the bar). 5. Place five white checkers on point 19 (top center, right side of the bar) and five black checkers on point six (bottom center, right side of the bar). 6. Finally, place two black checkers on point 24 (top right of the board) and two white checkers on point number one (bottom right of the board).

These are the steps of backgammon board setup. It may take some practice and a few games before you can master the starting position, but this is really something very basic.


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