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Three Qualities of a Good Backgammon Player

The qualities of a backgammon player encompass knowledge and application of game rules and mechanics. But more than knowing how to play the game and rules that govern it, a good backgammon player has three splendid qualities that separate them from the pack. Three qualities of a good backgammon player include a quick mind, a quick eye, and a good memory.

A quick mind is essential to pick up how far forward a piece can move without actually counting pips to get there. Take a visual image of starting positions, for instance. A good example of a quick mind is in utilizing advantageous checker positions with a particular opening roll. The simplest of which is with a starting three-one throw.

The best move here is making one's five-point. Without counting pips over the board, it's a given that a quick-minded player can instantaneously relate that roll with moving one piece from the eight-point and moving one piece from the six point.

Another example of a good backgammon player's quick mind is when pieces are already spread across the board. Without taking much time in deciding what to do with a roll, a good backgammon player can intuitively make a point just by looking at their pieces' positions on the board.

Now, a quick eye is a necessary trait in watching out for a good player's interest against an otherwise honest but not-as-experienced counterpart. In an effort to avoid errors and illegal moves in a game, a quick-eyed player can immediately see if their opponent has committed one. And with arms and hands going over the board in the course of a game, a quick eye is required to catch if a sleeve accidentally slides a checker off point or a finger pushes one by accident.

The third quality of a good backgammon player is a good memory. This goes without saying especially when one is in the middle of a very long match game. It's a fact that as a long match progresses, the mind and eyes can wear down and you'll be finding yourself asking your opponent if they're done with their turn or if you've just rolled the dice already.

Qualities of a good backgammon player aren't exclusive to knowing game rules inside and out. It's their quick mind to know instinctively what to do with a roll, their quick eye to catch slight nudges of the pieces which can take them off points they're supposed to be on, and a good memory for the long haul of a long match. These qualities separate them from the rest and they all come about from practice and experience. No wonder they call playing backgammon a good way to keep brain cells going because to be good at it, you've got to use your mind 100% of the time.


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